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Full body Cryotherapy, spot treatments, the CryoSuit or a facial – how do you know which is right for you?

If you’re looking for a wellness boost and something new to help you reach your health and fitness goals – you’ll find what you need at Perth Cryotherapy Centre. As a general rule, most treatments are similar in using ‘cold therapy’, exposing your skin to sub-zero temperatures for cell renewal, rejuvenation and recovery. Our one treatment that does not use cold techniques is the RecoverySuit, which instead use compression to aid athletic recovery.

To specifically aid and treat issues like skin damage, injuries and inflammation, or even boost weight loss, we use different methods of Cryotherapy with our industry leading technology. Have a read through to see what might suit you!

The JukaCryosauna Machine provides a full body Cryotherapy treatment

CryoSauna (3 minutes)

At Perth Cryotherapy Centre we use the JukoCryosauna machine for our full body Cryotherapy treatments. The Juka CryoSauna is a one-person whole body cryo-machine or ‘single person cryogenic chamber used for individual treatments of systemic cryotherapy’.

During a session, our team will regulate the temperature between -100C and -150C, for sessions of 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The chamber has an adjustable platform on which you will stand upon, this allows for your head to be outside of the machine and breathe the main room’s air.

You will then be submerged, from the neck down, in hyper cooled air. One of our team will be in the room with you to help improve your overall comfort and remove any elements of claustrophobia. The door can easily be pushed open with little strength, in case you feel uncomfortable or need to get out.

The unit features a heated ventilating system to minimise moisture residues and to vent out used nitrogen gas from air. The geometric design of the inner cabin optimises convection and maintains an evenly distributed temperature throughout.

Benefits of our CryoSauna:

  • Improves athletic recovery time
  • Increases energy levels and stamina
  • Increases testosterone and adrenaline
  • Reduces Inflammation throughout joints and muscles
  • Improves effectiveness of physiotherapy

CryoSpot (6 minutes)

CryoSpot treatments use our Cryo-T Elephant machine, which is a smaller system that directly treats specific areas rather than the whole body at once. Cryo-T Elephant is the first nitrogen device in the world that uses sensors inside the application nozzle to have a better measurement of the patient’s skin temperature in real time. Maintaining the correct skin temperature is important to guarantee the best results and to avoid overcooling or frostbite.

You will sit or lay down depending on the area being treated and the technician will make sure there is no moisture around the area. The nozzle will never touch your skin, it will be completely controlled by the technician and will hover at least 10 -15cm away from your skin. The temperature will vary from -160C to -135C and will feel like really cold air concentrated on one area. You have complete freedom to pause or stop the treatment if you start to feel uncomfortable and need a break. CryoSpot is incredibly effective and safe to use on your skin with various benefits associated with several treatments.

Benefits of our CryoSpot:

  • Accelerates healing and recovery
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Promotes blood flow and oxygen to the treated area
  • Can improve a healthy sleep pattern
  • Cellulite reduction

CryoFacial (9 minutes)

Similar to the spot treatments above, our CryoFacial is more targeted towards your face or neck. The nine minute treatment activates collagen production in the deeper levels of your skin, which increases your skin’s capacity to rejuvenate itself, regain elasticity and appear all silky smooth. The Cryo-T Elephant allows for the treatment to begin immediately after turning the device on. The technician can easily set and read the data on the LCD touchscreen, which allows them to read your skins temperatures from start to finish. And ladies you can leave your make-up on for this treatment!

During the CryoFacial, your skin will be rapidly cooled using the nozzle filled with vaporised liquid nitrogen and positioned a safe distance from your face or neck. This method will tighten your microcirculation blood stream, expand your blood vessels and capillaries to help flush out bad toxins and impurities out from your skin.

Benefits of our CryoFacial:

  • Increase skin radiance and rejuvenation
  • Assists to reduce pigmentation or uneven skin tone
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Treats various skin conditions such as; eczema, acne, cuts and bruising
  • Helps with blood flow

RecoverySuit (15 – 60 minutes)

Our RecoverySuit is a pressure suit that conducts pneumatic massage treatments by fifteen various algorithms to your upper and lower limbs. The technician is able to set the pressure value (between 30 – 140 mmHg) in each pressure sleeve chamber separately and monitor the pressure applied to your body in case you were to feel any discomfort they can stop the treatment.

The pneumatic massage is conducted with pressure sleeves on your upper or lower limbs – the sleeves have a similar effect to putting on a massive ski jacket or ski pants. Each sleeve includes five independent sections, filled with air (up to the set pressure) in an appropriate sequence, according to the selected algorithm. The pressure should be a similar feeling to when you get your blood pressure taken by your Doctor, but over a larger area and for a longer period of time. One of the greatest advantages of using our RecoverySuit, is it’s ability to target multiple areas at once. Rather than going to a physiotherapist or massage specialist and only concentrating on the one area for one session.

Benefits of our CryoSuit:

  • Reduces cellulite
  • Reduces Lymphedema
  • Reduces Chronic oedema
  • Slimming of limbs, buttocks and abdomen
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic systems, which improves supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs
  • Better vein blood outflow
  • Decreased blood resistance in arteries with easier heart operation, wider blood and lymphatic vessels, which increases blood circulation speed
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