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What is Cryotherapy? 2017-05-01T06:19:43+00:00

Using sub-zero temperatures our Cryotherapy treatments enhance the body’s natural healing processes for proven results, aiding muscle recovery, weight loss and skin rejuvenation. The next generation of ‘ice bath’ therapy, the science behind Cryotherapy has been around for hundreds of years – but the advanced technology provided by Perth Cryotherapy Centre, is new. Find out more on the blog here.

How does it work? Is it safe? 2017-05-01T06:18:09+00:00

We have a range of Cryotherapy treatments using different equipment, all of that are absolutely safe! Using nitrogen gas (a non-toxic and natural gas) our equipment will lower the skin’s surface temperature, similar to an ice bath but much more intense and effective, for around 2-3 minutes. From a physiological view, your body reacts to the cold, going into shock and pushing blood from your extremities back to your core to keep your vital organs going. Here it is enriched with oxygen and nutrients, so when you come out of the cold and your body heats itself up again, the oxygen rich blood is pushed back out to your extremities. This promotes regeneration, initiating cell renewal and removal of damaged and dead skin cells, removes toxins and rejuvenates cellular production.

Isn’t that cold, will it hurt? 2017-05-05T07:02:22+00:00

It is cold, and it will take your breath away so to speak, however there is no actual freezing involved, just the feeling of being cold, so you will be able to handle it! It will be over so quickly and its far easier than a 45 minute run for the same benefits and some!

How does it compare to an ice bath? 2017-05-01T06:16:48+00:00

Cryptherapy is proving to be even more effective than ice baths, taking the skin temperature lower than is achievable with ice, which allows for a more effective response from your body and increases your speed of recovery. In addition to this, during an ice bath the cold penetrates deeper into your skin than just the surface layer, which can be damaging. In the Cryosauna the skin is not deeply penetrated and the colder surface temperature has a better physiological response.

What are the benefits? 2017-05-01T06:16:07+00:00

Firstly, your body’s response to any Cryotherapy treatment is to release endorphins, the ‘feel good’ hormone – so you’ll feel instantly amazing! Secondly, it really depends on the treatment you’re having, but Cryotherapy has proven to initiate cell regeneration, which helps to reduce inflammation for faster recovery time, reduces the appearance of skin damage and scarring, remove toxins and dead skin cells, encourages weight loss, gets rid of cellulite, energises you and improves wellness overall

Where can I find more information and research into Cryotherapy? 2017-05-01T06:14:51+00:00

As a start, check out our blog here for articles, information and links to scientific journals. You can also keep a lookout for our own partner studies and case studies coming soon to keep you up to date with the latest research into Cryotherapy.

Which treatment is right for me? 2017-05-27T17:39:45+00:00

It really depends what you’re looking for! We’ve separated our website into three areas:

  • CryoFit for athletic recovery or injury management
  • CryoTrim for weight loss and cellulite reduction
  • CryoBeauty for skin damage, scarring and anti-aging solutions.

You can also view a list of the treatments we offer and the benefits, process and direction of each on our Treatments page. When you’re ready, click the button below to get started! Or, feel free to give us a call on 9303 2395 to chat to one of our friendly team.

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How can I book? 2017-05-27T17:36:37+00:00

It’s super easy! Find out what you need from one of the pages mentioned above, and click any of our “BOOK NOW” buttons, like the one below!

Otherwise, you can contact us for any questions about your booking.

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How long do sessions go for? 2017-05-05T07:03:18+00:00

Usually around 3 – 15 minutes overall, but it depends on your treatment level. Head to the pricing page for more information.

How much is a session? 2017-05-05T07:04:21+00:00

This depends on your treatment and the number of sessions you’ve locked in. Generally a cryotherapy session starts from $20 for the RecoverySuit to $75 for the CryoSauna.

If this seems a bit high, remember that getting the Cryotherapy equipment to sub zero temperatures requires a lot of energy! That’s why we’ve got our Freeze with a Friend offer, we can deliver better value for you as it’s much more cost effective for you to both use the machine once we’ve started it up. Check out all pricing here.

Can I work out before or after? 2017-05-01T06:06:33+00:00

For sure, either is safe! If you work out before, you’ll be improving your muscle and cellular recovery and reduce inflammation or toxin build up. If you work out after, you’ll have higher energy levels and feel on top of the world with the rush of endorphins to help you workout longer and harder. Actually, we highly recommend both!

Are there any risks or negative side effects? 2017-05-01T06:05:24+00:00

There are minimal risks involved, and a trained and experienced staff member closely monitors all our Cryotherapy treatments.

If you have a health concern, we always recommend speaking to your doctor about Cryotherapy before commencing sessions.

Is there anyone who should NOT use Cryotherapy? 2017-05-01T06:24:54+00:00

If you do have one of the following health concerns then we do recommend consulting a doctor before you try Cryotherapy: pregnant, severe hypertension, acute or recent myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, arrhythmia, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, cardiac pacemaker, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, venous thrombosis, acute or recent cerebrovascular accident, uncontrolled seizures, Raynaud’s Syndrome, fever, tumor disease, symptomatic lung disorders, bleeding disorders, severe anemia, infection, cold allergy, acute kidney and urinary tract diseases.

If you’d like to consult with a doctor who is familiar with Cryotherapy treatments to discuss, please contact us here.

We also require parental consent for those under the age of 18.

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