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Reach your peak.

Cutting-edge technology and support to help you achieve your fitness, health and wellness goals faster.

How can Cryotherapy help YOU?

  • Burn calories for weight loss
  • Enhance performance and training
  • Clear acne and skin inconsistencies
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Reduce inflammation for recovery
  • Injury management
  • Shape and sculpt your figure
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Boost your energy levels

Explore the website for more information on our CryoFit, CryoTrim and CryoBeauty treatments or book in now using our online system.

Get into the shape of your life with our sculpting and toning treatments. Our surgery free treatments will visibly reduce cellulite and refresh the appearance of your skin, naturally.

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Cryotherapy is ideal for athletic recovery and performance enhancement to help you reach the peak. For those with injuries, our treatments can help with inflammation and pain reduction as part of your rehabilitation plans.

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Cryotherapy has proven highly effective in treating and reducing the effects of skin conditions, scarring and pigmentation. Our chemical free, non-abrasive treatments boost the natural healing and detoxification process for visible results.

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What is Cryotherapy?

Using sub-zero temperatures our Cryotherapy treatments enhance the body’s natural healing processes for proven results, aiding muscle recovery, weight loss and skin rejuvenation. The next generation of ‘ice bath’ therapy, the science behind Cryotherapy has been around for hundreds of years – but the advanced technology provided by Perth Cryotherapy Centre, is new. Find out more on the blog or book an appointment now.

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Cryotherapy has been featured by a number of media outlets across the world.